Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Benefits Of The Combination Resume

CV resume writing is not a difficult task if the right blend of the functional and chronological resume is adopted. This type of resume is called the combination resume and thus, helps the candidate to successfully bag the job. Combination CV resume writing is ideal for those persons who wish to include the volunteer and internship career services in their resume. They are also best suited for those who have a diverse employment history and a switch in careers. One must ensure that the combination resume highlights the right features and hence, must be cautious when drafting this resume.

Also known as the Hybrid resume, the ‘Combination Resume’ is a good choice for experienced professionals who have attained many years of work experience. Ideal for older workers the combination resume highlight valuable skills and abilities of the worker with success. In addition to this, the combination resume also portray the applicant’s talents and accomplishments with success. CV resume writing of the combination format is very simple and combines the assets of the functional and chronological styles. The combination format carries more professional weightage and hence, can reassure prospective employers in a better way than the other single formats. The combination formats are also ideal for freelancers and hence, can be effectively adopted. Freelancers benefit from this format because they are professionals wit varied work history and hence, carry valuable skills. They work on several small projects and these projects can be successfully projected through this CV resume writing format. Freelancers are now using this format and out of all the three styles, this is the best suited one.

The combination resume provides the future employers with the advantages of the professional chronological design layout that they desire. These employers can also get a snapshot of an applicant’s work history at a glance. It is not mandatory that the facts and the dates of the employment have to be mentioned. The combination resume can clearly highlight the applicant’s skill sets and accomplishments coupled with related work assets. In fact, the combination resume actually stands out and hence, catches the eye of the employer very easily. CV resume writing with the help of the combination resume can help the applicant to create a positive impact on the employer. The presentation format has a lot of quality and this is what makes it stand out from the rest of the two formats with ease. The combination resume is very eye catching and can attract the attention of the employer very easily.

There is only one disadvantage of the combination resumes and that is this format can be very repetitive with a set of similar jobs and skills. It is advised during CV resume writing of the combination format to proof read it many, so that excessive repetitions can be avoided. This resume is highly popular and is being used by many job applicants in the job market today. They are also very concise and informative sources of information on the applicant’s professional work history in detail.


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